Engineers vs. technologists

While the role of an engineer is clear, that is usually not the case with the role of a technologist. To an extent, that is understandable, as the distinction may appear slight in some cases, as both professions encompass similar sets of skills.

Technologists are responsible for the implementation of the engineering-related technologies. Technologists work closely with engineers to that end, and are usually under their direction.

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Typical roles of an engineering consultant
Engineering consultants start the day meeting with the project manager. A review of the previous progress comes first; then it is on to defining the concept of the next project phase. Once agreed, the concept is then presented (in person, by email, or otherwise) to the design team. After that, the client is to be informed about the progress.

From there, it is all about calculating and sketching. CAD operators’ assistance may be needed, as these people are responsible for incorporating the concept into the drawings. During this phase, a loose timeline is also being defined.

Later on, it is a visit to the construction site. The engineering consultant meets with the construction inspector. Together they define if there are any potential issues. If there are, the engineering consultant then heads to the contractor to discuss a change to the design. Additional costs need to be taken into account here, as well as the viability of the proposal. The engineering consultant then contacts the project manager with recommendations and proceeds to issuing a change order to the contractor.

After all that has been done, it’s back to the office, where the engineering consultant checks the email and meets the CAD operators for an update on the drawing.

Typical roles of an engineering technologist
Engineering technologists start the day meeting with the project manager. A review of the previous progress comes first; then it is on to working through the potential concepts of the next project phase. Engineering technologists also participate in (and often, chair) design meetings, communicate with contractors, and coordinate with other consultants. Visits to project sites close to finalization are also one of their duties. Engineering technologists perform site inspections, as to make sure that the design equals the one in the construction documents.

These professionals may be required to write site review reports and Contemplated Change Notices (CCNs) and send them to the client. At the end of the day, the engineering technologist checks the email and reports to the project manager on the design progress.


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